FG - Freuding Laboratory Furniture

Sedentary and standing workbenches. The maximumin in individual adaptation.

Freuding Laboratory Furniture

Complete Project Management by Argibond

If a new laboratory is planned, we work closely with you from the start to finish with our Design Planners, our installation companies , our manufacturers of dental furniture, our Dental Equipment Supply, everything that is needed from the design right through to completion for anything Dental 

Zubler and Freuding

Freuding are one of the biggest European lab bench manufacturers and work very close with Zubler central suction systems due to the fact that both company product lines integrates effortlessly into each other. Freuding uses on the highest quality materials like FORMAPAL-Medical grade Hi-impact, hi-heat and chemical resistance Thermo-form Laminates.

  • Pre-installed with:
  • Air line
  • Gas outlets and inlets
  • Electrical inlets and outlets

This means a substantial saving on other trade work’s installation costs, due to the fact that Freuding only needs 1 main services connection point at the start of a run of benches.


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